Kick The Habit project is all about breaking the boundaries between genres and bringing something fresh to the table. 
With many releases on reputable labels such as (USA), Most Addictive (UK), Firepower (USA), SectionZ (USA), PlayMe (USA), Audiophile Live (USA), Adapted (Australia) and numerous of Top10 Beatport charts releases including unique official remixes to high profile artists such as Quincy Jones, Yonas & Savant.
With more than 18million views on Youtube (incl. features on channels such as UKF, Dubstep Gutter, Epic Network and more...)
and more than 7million views on Spotify, Kick The Habit never stop surprising by adding more colors, textures and grooves to the Electronic scene.
Kick The Habit project was already involved in making music for big brands such as Nike, Samsung, Waves Audio and more...

New music and a unique Live show are coming soon!
Expect the unexpected!


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